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   We have more than 25 years of manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of top-quality natural sheep and beef casings to sausage manufacturers across the world at competitive prices. Our company is accredited by IVO and EU to export its products to all European countries. The production process begins immediately after slaughtering by cleaning sheep/beef casings. All-natural casings are processed by hand and audited by trained inspectors. Our customer service team is dedicated to have a close relationship with customers to understand their expectations. That’s because

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Natural Casing

Natural casings are mainly derived from small and large intestines from sheep, cattle and etc. Casings can either be drysalted, with visible salt crystals present, or kept in a saturated salt brine. Undoubtedly, natural casings are one of the most important parts in sausage processing. The benefits of the natural casing are flavor and visual appeal. Because the natural casing breathes, it results in a deeper flavor and richness in the sausage—the smoking and cooking flavors can permeate the casing and infuse the meat. Since the casings are all-natural, the sausages are very natural looking, being somewhat irregular in shape and size.

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